Sandra Payne
Isla Fisher - Sandra Payne
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: February 28th
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation(s): Housewife
Aliases: Sandy
Family & Friends
Family: Victor Payne (husband)

Adam Payne (son)

Shane Payne (son)

Valerie Payne (daughter)

Series Information
First appearance: I Dreamed A Dream
Portrayer: Isla Fisher

Sandra Celine Jacqueline (formerly Albert) Payne is a character in Glee: Starlight Sensation. She is the mother of Shane Payne and Valerie Payne.


Sandra is loving, caring and fun mother, in contrast to her husband. She is also very forgetful.


I Dreamed A DreamEdit

Sandra first appears when Shane returns home from school. She sings Beautiful Boy by Celine Dion to make him feel better. When Victor ridicules Shane for wanting to be a star, she pleads with her husband to stop arguing with their son but he ignores her. At the end of the episode Victor almost hits her when they're arguing but he restrains himself.


Song Title Original Artist Episode Title
Beautiful Boy Celine Dion I Dreamed A Dream
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