Megan Smith
Megan Fox - Emily Smith
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: 27th November 1995
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Meg, Megui (Friends)
The Bitch (Enemies)
Series Information
First appearance: Cameo on Pilot

Bring It On

Portrayer: Megan Fox

Megan Smith is a character on Glee: Starlight Sensation. She is a junior at Harrison High. Like Michelle, she is an Amazon.

She is potrayed by Megan Fox.


She is a very bitchy and mean girl. She doesnt care what everybody thinks, she thinks she is the centre of attention. She doesnt care of hurting another person. She loves being head cheerleader, the Queen Bee of her school and her dating with a football player. But in a way she loves singing, but she doesnt really want anybody to know that. She really want to be on the school's glee club but doesnt want to lose her popularity. She will try her best to make all those "Losers" to "Winners" so she could audition to the Glee Club. She will do everything to be the best in everything she does, she could hurt somebody and if that doesnt work she could even hurt somebody physicaly.

Style Of ClothingEdit

Fashionist ( wears what is the the "top trending" of that time ). She loves everybody wearing the same thing she is wearing, because she feels really important people doing that. At school, she wears the cheerleader uniform.


She has always been a very mean girl. When she was at a school in Paris everybody hated her because in the way she is. But the thing that makes her being is that: when she was younger, she was a really cute and kind girl, but complety changed when she realized when that her parents are not her parents. She was adopted. When she realized that she became really mad at her parents and became another person ( she realized that when she was 12 years old ). A really mean and bitchy person. Because of that everybody hated her and later she wanted to transfer school. One day, her parents asked her if she wanted to move to USA, because they got a new job there, and she obviously said yes. There she was still mean and bitchy but there she became the Queen Bee. Later she started wanting to go to the Glee Club without losing her popularity.


Megan makes a cameo appearance at the end of Pilot, spying on Starlight Sensation while they perform Gettin' Over You with Teresa Young and Samantha Ford.



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