Isabella White
Ariana Grande - Isabella White
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: 15th February 1996
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Bella
Family & Friends
Family: Unnamed Sister
Series Information
First appearance: TBA
Portrayer: Ariana Grande

Isabella "Bella" White is a character on Glee: Starlight Sensation. She is a sophomore at Harrison High. Al (MayWolfchick12) confirmed that she will be one of the Amazons. (Source)

She is potrayed by Ariana Grande.

Personality Edit

Bella is a very nice girl. She is very popular, and loved by both kids and adults. She is athletic, and plays softball volleyball and basketball. Unlike her friends, Bella is very accepting of everyone and is never a bully. However, Bella has also had tons of hardships in her life and can sometimes seem depressed and distant.

Style of ClothingEdit

Isabella usually wears her cheerleading uniform but when not she usually wears pink girly clothing.


Bring It OnEdit


Song Title Original Artist Episode Title Sang With
Beautiful Christina Aguilera Bring It On Eva
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